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4. Data Privacy

4 a). Subject Matter of Data Privacy

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4 b). Extent of Data Collection and Storage

In general, the use of our Internet site does not require you to provide personal data. However, we may require your personal data in order to be actually able to provide our services. This applies both to the mailing out of information material or goods ordered and replies to individual enquiries. If you place an order for a service or goods to be delivered, we generally collect and store your personal data only to the extent necessary to render services or perform the contract. This may require and involve sharing your personal data with companies that we use in the rendering of services or fulfilment of the contract. Such companies may be transport companies or other service providers, for example. If we take any of the actions described below, or any others, or perform services, we would like to collect and store your personal data – we will seek your express consent to do so at the appropriate location of our Internet site:

– mailing out of newsletters
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– other services and offerings for which data collection requires your express consent.

Upon completion of the contract, your data will be locked. Once all fiscal and commercial rules regarding retention have expired, your data will be deleted, unless you have expressly agreed to your data being utilised further. If you have signed up for our newsletter using your e-mail address, we will use your e-mail address not only to fulfil this contract, but also for our own advertising purposes until you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

4 c). Collection and Storage of Usage Data

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4 d). Assigned Data Use

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4 e) Right to Information and Right of Revocation

We will provide you with information about your data stored with us at any time and at no cost – and without you having to state the reasons for requesting the information. You can have your data that we have collected locked, corrected or deleted at any time. You can also revoke your consent given to us for collecting and using your data at any time and without having to state any reasons. To do so, please use the contact information provided in the imprint section of the website. We are always available to take any further questions you may have about our data privacy policy and the processing of your personal data. Please note that data privacy provisions and policies may be changed at any time, for example, those of Google. It is therefore recommended, and necessary, that you keep up-to-date on any changes in statutory provisions and in the practices of companies, such as those of Google.

5. Legal Effectiveness of this Disclaimer

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